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Born in 2008
Tongli TOMELY brand was founded, the main environmental protection complex stone (referred to as composite stone).
Engineering 2009
Base on the channel, do a big project, the landmark project "Zhuhai Huafa Green Ocean Villa" a single project of 300,000 M, but also to promote this project won the national high-quality project "Luban Award", Tongli become the third-class project;
2010-2012 years of scientific research
Based on the management concept of "environmental protection marble", after two years to achieve technological breakthroughs; master the core process of "screen skip printing" marble tile production, restore the texture of natural stone, layered, realistic, and successfully listed 26 marble tiles and obtained national patents; is the industry rarely done both "composite stone" products. Products, also do "marble tile" products enterprises;
2013-2014 years in a hundred cities
Enjoy the reputation of "professional marble tile" quality, actively joined by the national distributors, in 2014 more than 200 domestic stores, products are exported to Italy, Germany, Europe and the United States and more than 60 countries and regions;
Design 2015
We have reached strategic cooperation with CCTV Exchange Space, and joined with famous designers such as Yu Gong (Yu Jing Gan), Liang Jianguo, Hong Joseph, Chen Dejian and Lin Zhenzhen to build a national platform for Designers'exchange. The masters have participated in the example of Tongli space, promoted the great development of Tongli space and realized the living of ceramic tile space.
Re create 2016
Create "color marketing 3.0", the first push "soft marble tiles" and more than 1200 square light new luxury hall, is "soft brick industry as the first brand. That year, the achievement of 5 years of sales turnover was remarkable. At the same time, become green space group, Hengda group, Zhejiang radio and television, Wuhan Marriott International Hotel and other project suppliers;
Assume 2017
Almost 300 distributors nationwide have joined in the construction of environmental protection and social charities, and have become a major taxpayer in Foshan City, and won the "national high-tech enterprises"; they have sponsored football matches of all walks of life in Foshan and participated in poverty subsidies. In the same year, also won Foshan City "Mayor Cup" Industrial Products Award, China's home industry influence brand, the annual user word of mouth Gold Award, the new list of annual designers like products;
Transformation in 2018
"Tongli TOMELY" strategic transformation and upgrading, is committed to create "China's stone tile leadership brand." China ceramic tile color research and development base, Yu Gong (Yu Jinggan) house center has successively settled Tongli. Promote the process of brand internationalization, and establish brand international flagship stores in Toronto, Ottawa, New York, etc. At the same time, won the Guangdong Provincial Governor's Cup Industrial Products Award, Gold Award of China-Italy Design Competition, Quality Outstanding Contribution Award, Innovative Products Award, New Aesthetic Ceramics Award of the Year, etc.


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